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Sugar Snaps Wear Hats & More Kashi Pizza

The title just about sums it up.

Got some gorgeous sugar snap peas at the farm, and they look adorable in their little “hats”.

Farm Fresh Sugar Snap Pea

Farm Fresh Sugar Snap Pea

Since I had all those Kashi coupons, I am sampling (and reviewing) practically every flavor of pizza they make! This one was Mexicali Black Bean, a thin crust pizza. Choosing between this and the Sicilian, I’d have to say that the Sicilian was much better! However the hubby seemed to favor this one… he said the veggies had a nice fire-roasted flavor. Overall it was better than most frozen pizzas on the market, and I’ll probably get this one again especially since he likes it. The “sauce” is like refried black beans, which gives it a different taste… not your typical tomato-sauce flavor. If you like refried black beans, you’ll probably like this pizza. Oh yea, and unlike the other one we tried, this one does have cheese.

Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza, Sugar Snap Peas & Garbage Salad

Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza, Sugar Snap Peas & Garbage Salad

The peas… I rinsed and dried them. Pulled off their hats (but had trouble with the strings), and then tossed with a little bit of evoo & s&p. Threw them on a cookie sheet and cooked them for the same time & temp as the pizza. They were perfect! And not stringy at all. I think because they were so tender and fresh, picked just this morning! Salad was romaine, mozzarella chunks, avocado, carrot shreds & Poppyseed dressing. Just stuff that was leftover in the fridge! Garbage salad delight!

Just a short post tonight… tomorrow will be the 5k details! 🙂


A Sleepy Day

Today was the first day in quite some time where I did no physical activity (which means I skipped The Shred, sorry guys)… didn’t even take the dog on a walk! For some reason, I was sooo tired and after work ate dinner and then went to bed (after doing some crosswords, yes I am a dork).

But that’s okay, sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies and rest and relax and do nothing.

I did try a new Kashi product – Sicilian Veggie Pizza which is a cheese-less pizza, made with a tomato-bean sauce. It was pretty good! Not as good as my old stand-by (Amy’s No Cheese Veggie), but nice for a change. I picked up some trees (broccoli) at the farm on my way home from work, tossed with evoo, s&p and threw them in the oven while the pizza cooked. I cut them up small so it wouldn’t take long to get nice and roasted.

Kashi Pizza, Roasted Trees & Greek Giant Beans

Kashi Pizza, Roasted Trees & Greek Giant Beans

Then I microwaved some Greek Giant Beans that I picked up on my last World Market food trip. These beans are so meaty and are in this awesome tomato sauce (you can see their size in comparison to my pizza and broccoli!). They are a little greasy/oily from the sauce, but something about them is so addicting and comforting.

Greek Giant Beans From World Market

Greek Giant Beans From World Market

After dinner I just crashed, it was a LONG day at work that was mentally exhausting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Oh, my Grandpa is out of the hospital and recovering fine, minus a few toes.

Hope everything is well in your corners of the world!

Amazing Grass Review & Kashi Coupons To Share

Got some AG samples in the mail, and was so excited to try them! Since I’m a kid-at-heart, thought I’d give the Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood a try.

Amazing Grass Kids Sample

Amazing Grass Kids Sample

Next to some youthful art. 😉

Trying AG!

Trying AG!

(I am not a cyclops, I really do have two eyes!)

This is a chocolate flavored powder that they call “A Rainbow of Nutrition”. The amount of fluid is very small… about 6 ounces. I mixed mine in the Blender Bottle (even though I wish AG would send me one of their cool bottles with their logo on it…) w/some unsweetened almond milk. It tastes like a healthy chocolate milk. With chocolate, you can’t go wrong! It had a few sips with particles (despite mixing well), that tasted like tiny bits of oatmeal or grain. I really like this! It did not taste too wheat-grassy. Will have to read up on how it differs from the regular Chocolate SuperFood (nutrition-wise).

Have a few more samples to try yet! Seems everyone is jumping on the AG bandwagon lately.

Kashi Coupons

I also got a boat-load of Kashi coupons in the mail! Although I already used most of these on my last shopping trip (it’s how I got a free box of Vive!), there are a few that I probably won’t be using and would love to pass them onto anyone who is interested and would use them.

Six (6) $2.00 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Entree or Bake Product (expires: 9/1/09)
Five (5) $1.50 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Bread Pocket Product (expires: 9/1/09)
One (1) $3.00 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Pizza Product (expires: 9/1/09)

Total of $22.50 Savings!

Not too shabby. Just email me your addy and I’ll drop them in the post. I don’t want to split these up, so whomever is the first person to email me will get all of them.

Have a great Friday!

Melamine “Dinnerware” for Work & Barney Butter Review!

Melamine Plates From Target

Melamine Plates From Target

Since I go into the office 4 days a week, and especially since I’m one of those 5-meals-a-day people, that means I eat 16 “meals” at my desk a week! (The word meals is used lightly, because a lot of them are more or less snacks.)

My desk drawer is stocked with paper plates, napkins & utensils but I hate using a paper plate just to make up some cheese & crackers. Seems so wasteful doesn’t it? Especially when for around a buck or two you can pick up a sweet melamine plate! Target has a decent selection of these all from $1-$5 each. They are lightweight and perfect for keeping at the office. Only downfall is that they are not microwaveable. 😦

All this talk about eating at the desk reminds me of this WebMD article.

“The desk, in terms of bacteria, is 400 times more dirty than your toilet,” says Charles Gerba, PhD, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona in Tucson. “People turn their desks into bacteria cafeterias because they eat at them, but they never clean them. The phone is the dirtiest, the desktop is next, and the mouse and the computer follow.”

Which I think is fine, as long as you understand that and CLEAN it often. I keep a container of disinfecting wipes to clean everything down.

Getting OUT for lunch is much better, and for lunch I usually go outside or the cafeteria at the least and read a book and try to relax and enjoy my food. However, for the other meals/snacks… I can’t exactly take my 9:30am cheese & crackers break and go sit outside and eat while my co-workers are all working hard.

Who else eats at their desk and can relate?

Onto the food! Today’s eats:

Microwaved Egg Whites, Kashi Vive w/Chia Seeds & Almond Milk

Microwaved Egg Whites, Kashi Vive w/Chia Seeds & Almond Milk

Almond Crunch, Just Papaya & Prune

Almond Crunch, Just Persimmon & Prune

Black Bean Burger w/Hummus & Spinach in WW Pita & Banana w/Almond Butter

Black Bean Burger w/Greek Hummus & Spinach in Whole Wheat Pita, Banana w/Almond Butter.

(Not shown: Afternoon Snack – Green Smoothie, Dinner – Grilled Chicken Wings & Back to Nature Macaroni)

These black bean burgers rock. They are made loosely from Eating Bird Food’s recipe found here. I make up batches and freeze them individually wrapped. Just thaw in the fridge a few hours (or toss in your lunch cooler) and microwave. They are delicious in wraps, pitas or on a bun either with traditional burger toppings, or with guacamole, hummus or grilled onions!

The kind folks at Barney Butter were nice enough to send me a few samples!

I tried one packet squeezed over my banana for lunch.The color was different from the almond butters I’m use to (more orangey), and it was a smoother consistency…creamier. The taste was AMAZING. It was the stick-to-your-mouth kind of goodness that I was craving.

Here are the ingredients: Almonds, Evaporated Cane Juice, Palm Fruit Oil, Sea Salt.

I can see this being the kind of almond butter that kids would love. You can see the almond butter sample in the pic above. And Barney Butter is so cool… they have “Team Barney Butter” events like triathlons! Check out their site:

Have you tried this almond butter? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite nut butter?