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Shopping, Home Projects & Hummus Fun

Since I survived my first 5k, I thought I’d reward myself with something to make running even more fun – a new sports bra & socks!

Exciting, right? 🙂

I got the Sugoi Fizz Bra in Flamingo Pink & Fox River Impel Quarter Socks in Pink both from Backcountry Outlet, so they were both steals. What is your favorite sports bra or socks? How many do you own?

I also signed up (or am going to sign up after I finish writing this) for another 5k next month just to keep myself on track and aim for a better time.

In other news, I regret to inform that all Shredding will be on hold for a minimum of 1 week. I am really bummed, but on the up side we have decided to rip out all of our flooring and install hardwood. Which means…

– Our house is in a construction zone.
– The only t.v. is unhooked and out of commission.
– There is no other place to shred.
– My free time is now spent rolling out red rosin, cutting sub-floor, removing toilets, stoves & fridges (well really only 1 of each) & moving furniture, so thus there is no time to shred.

DIY home projects is another passion of mine, so I am enjoying (almost) every minute of fixing up our little old home.

I’ll be lucky to sneak some running in this week. Hopefully we’ll have the house back in order soon, and I will be shredding on a brand new floor. When Jillian has me do all those jumping jacks, it will be a true test of how it holds up! 🙂 For all those other 30-day shredders out there, do an extra rep or two for me!

Now time for a little food fun! Look at this great hummus I discovered!

The chipotle is strong, the raspberry subtle. This is a nice change of pace!

Ingredients: fresh cooked garbanzo beans, canola oil, raspberry flavor, tahini, garlic, chipotle pepper, sea salt, lemon or lime juice concentrate, spice, probiotic cultures

Almost all the ingredients are organic. See their website for their entire line of probiotic hummus.

Okay, back to floor duty! Goodnight!