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Amazing Grass Review & Kashi Coupons To Share

Got some AG samples in the mail, and was so excited to try them! Since I’m a kid-at-heart, thought I’d give the Amazing Grass Kidz SuperFood a try.

Amazing Grass Kids Sample

Amazing Grass Kids Sample

Next to some youthful art. 😉

Trying AG!

Trying AG!

(I am not a cyclops, I really do have two eyes!)

This is a chocolate flavored powder that they call “A Rainbow of Nutrition”. The amount of fluid is very small… about 6 ounces. I mixed mine in the Blender Bottle (even though I wish AG would send me one of their cool bottles with their logo on it…) w/some unsweetened almond milk. It tastes like a healthy chocolate milk. With chocolate, you can’t go wrong! It had a few sips with particles (despite mixing well), that tasted like tiny bits of oatmeal or grain. I really like this! It did not taste too wheat-grassy. Will have to read up on how it differs from the regular Chocolate SuperFood (nutrition-wise).

Have a few more samples to try yet! Seems everyone is jumping on the AG bandwagon lately.

Kashi Coupons

I also got a boat-load of Kashi coupons in the mail! Although I already used most of these on my last shopping trip (it’s how I got a free box of Vive!), there are a few that I probably won’t be using and would love to pass them onto anyone who is interested and would use them.

Six (6) $2.00 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Entree or Bake Product (expires: 9/1/09)
Five (5) $1.50 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Bread Pocket Product (expires: 9/1/09)
One (1) $3.00 Off On Any One Kashi Frozen Pizza Product (expires: 9/1/09)

Total of $22.50 Savings!

Not too shabby. Just email me your addy and I’ll drop them in the post. I don’t want to split these up, so whomever is the first person to email me will get all of them.

Have a great Friday!