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Rounds Are Better Than Wedges

Maybe I am the last person to learn this, but cutting sweet potato rounds are MUCH easier than cutting wedges! Seems like everyone already knows this, but I’m posting just in case there are any wedge cutters like me lurking… try it round next time!

Sweet Tater Rounds tossed with Red Pepper & Cheese Spread

Sweet Tater Rounds tossed with Red Pepper & Cheese Spread

There is this really great spread at World Market called “Red Pepper & Cheese Spread – Flavors of Greece”. The jar says it is great on bread, pita and crackers. I love in on sandwiches and tossed with hot sweet taters! Just a few spoonfuls and stir it up and it adds a nice flavor.

Ingredients are pretty decent: red peppers, water, feta cheese, myzithra cheese, sauteed onions, evoo, red wine vinegar, tomato paste, glucose, cornstarch, sea salt, paprika, herbs & spices.

Sure they could do without the glucose, and use arrowroot flour instead of the cornstarch, but I was happy to see no MSGs or added colors or weird things. We also had it smeared on a turkey & mozzarella multi-grain pressed sammy. Yummy.

Have you ever tried this beer?



It is Quilmes from Argentina, and i tried it when we went out for tapas. It would taste much better drinking it IN Argentina. 😉

Okay, it is WAY too nice outside to be sitting inside blogging, so see you tomorrow!