Sugar Snaps Wear Hats & More Kashi Pizza

The title just about sums it up.

Got some gorgeous sugar snap peas at the farm, and they look adorable in their little “hats”.

Farm Fresh Sugar Snap Pea

Farm Fresh Sugar Snap Pea

Since I had all those Kashi coupons, I am sampling (and reviewing) practically every flavor of pizza they make! This one was Mexicali Black Bean, a thin crust pizza. Choosing between this and the Sicilian, I’d have to say that the Sicilian was much better! However the hubby seemed to favor this one… he said the veggies had a nice fire-roasted flavor. Overall it was better than most frozen pizzas on the market, and I’ll probably get this one again especially since he likes it. The “sauce” is like refried black beans, which gives it a different taste… not your typical tomato-sauce flavor. If you like refried black beans, you’ll probably like this pizza. Oh yea, and unlike the other one we tried, this one does have cheese.

Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza, Sugar Snap Peas & Garbage Salad

Kashi Mexicali Black Bean Pizza, Sugar Snap Peas & Garbage Salad

The peas… I rinsed and dried them. Pulled off their hats (but had trouble with the strings), and then tossed with a little bit of evoo & s&p. Threw them on a cookie sheet and cooked them for the same time & temp as the pizza. They were perfect! And not stringy at all. I think because they were so tender and fresh, picked just this morning! Salad was romaine, mozzarella chunks, avocado, carrot shreds & Poppyseed dressing. Just stuff that was leftover in the fridge! Garbage salad delight!

Just a short post tonight… tomorrow will be the 5k details! πŸ™‚


3 responses to this post.

  1. next to broccoli sugar snap peas are my favorite veggie πŸ™‚ none of mine have ever had a hat though πŸ™‚
    the pizza sounds good!


  2. those might be the cutest peas i have ever seen. and i LOVE a good garbage salad! they are so random and tasty!


  3. Sugar snap peas are delicious dipped with hummus. Mmmm…….


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