Just Signed Up For My First 5k!

Black Bean Fajita Meatball Pitas w/Spinach Salad

Black Bean Fajita Meatball Pitas w/Spinach Salad

Ground beef mixed with mashed black beans & spices and then oven baked. Nestled in a whole wheat pita with yogurt cilantro sauce, onions, green bell peppers & avocado. The meatballs are hiding underneath the veggies & yogurt, but there are 3 in there! Recipe from Clean Eating Magazine.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Coffee Cake w/Fresh Strawberries

Strawberry-Rhubarb Coffee Cake w/Fresh Strawberries

Dessert was a slice of Strawberry-Rhubarb Cake from Starbucks (split in half to share) and some wonderful fresh strawberries from the local farm. Look at how red they are! They were tart and sweet all at once. Speaking of Starbucks, have you tried the Iced Passion Tea? I get mine unsweetened (but it still looks like they “pump” something in there… anyone know the ingredients in this???). Hopefully its not too bad ingredient-wise because I do love these! So refreshing for summer, especially since I’m cutting back on coffee (some).

Went back to The Shred today, after skipping a day. So far I’m at L1D5. I’m not sure if it is because I skipped a day, but it seemed harder! But it also seemed to go faster. I am now doing it with music-only (no verbal instructions) since I am bored of hearing the same “conversation” with Jillian every single day. Tonight I also had an awesome run, so awesome that I went home and signed up for my first 5k! The kicker? It is in 2 days! A somewhat spontaneous decision, and I’m a little nervous since I’m a slow runner (more of a slogger). So I’m taking the next day off from running to rest up and be ready. The thing I am dreading most is getting up so early on a weekend!!! The weather forecast looks nice so far – 70 and sunny. Hopefully I won’t come in last place! 🙂


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  1. I love CE’s recipes! CONGRATS on the 5k!! You’ll be fine! Take it easy 🙂


  2. CONGRATS on signing up for the 5k!!
    delicious pita!!


  3. yay for the 5k! you will do great! sometimes spontaneity is the best way to do things. i also have to turn down jillian on the shred, i only lasted 2 days listening to her talk, kind of annoying! also i hate how you can’t fast forward to the intro thing that is before the menu where you pick your level. i do not need to see that 30 times! eats look yum! have a great friday 🙂 xo


  4. Congrats on signing up for your first 5k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Slogger! Ha.

    I found your blog through a search for other “shredding” bloggers. I just started this week and today will be day 4 (if I can fit it in during nap time!).

    I set up a Mr Linky on my blog for “Fitness Fridays”. I’m hoping it’ll be a place for people to share their Shred/exercise journey, tips, advice, etc. It’s been fun to read some of the other blog posts from others doing the Shred… I’m not the only one who’s hurting! 😉

    If you’re interested, it’s http://www.muddybootsblog.blogspot.com . If not, good luck with the Shred.

    P.S. That pita looks almost as good as the cake… almost.


  6. Oh that pita looks delicious, and those strawberries yum!

    Congrats on signing up for a 5k, and good luck!


  7. Congrats, I’m sure you’ll be great out there! Good luck :).

    Those strawberries are super red, they look so yummy with that coffee cake. Starbucks has an ingredient list on their website, so maybe they would have info on that Iced Passion Tea, which sounds so good.


  8. Congrats on signing up for your first 5k!
    Don’t psych yourself out, you can do it, and don’t feel like you have to run as fast as anyone else, be proud of your own running skills!
    That coffee cake looked delish…ooh!


  9. Thanks for all the good luck wishes and being supportive!


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