A Sleepy Day

Today was the first day in quite some time where I did no physical activity (which means I skipped The Shred, sorry guys)… didn’t even take the dog on a walk! For some reason, I was sooo tired and after work ate dinner and then went to bed (after doing some crosswords, yes I am a dork).

But that’s okay, sometimes we just need to listen to our bodies and rest and relax and do nothing.

I did try a new Kashi product – Sicilian Veggie Pizza which is a cheese-less pizza, made with a tomato-bean sauce. It was pretty good! Not as good as my old stand-by (Amy’s No Cheese Veggie), but nice for a change. I picked up some trees (broccoli) at the farm on my way home from work, tossed with evoo, s&p and threw them in the oven while the pizza cooked. I cut them up small so it wouldn’t take long to get nice and roasted.

Kashi Pizza, Roasted Trees & Greek Giant Beans

Kashi Pizza, Roasted Trees & Greek Giant Beans

Then I microwaved some Greek Giant Beans that I picked up on my last World Market food trip. These beans are so meaty and are in this awesome tomato sauce (you can see their size in comparison to my pizza and broccoli!). They are a little greasy/oily from the sauce, but something about them is so addicting and comforting.

Greek Giant Beans From World Market

Greek Giant Beans From World Market

After dinner I just crashed, it was a LONG day at work that was mentally exhausting. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! Oh, my Grandpa is out of the hospital and recovering fine, minus a few toes.

Hope everything is well in your corners of the world!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Glad your grandpa is out of the hospital!! Amy’s No Cheese pizza will always reign supreme – it’s too good!


  2. Ahh Amy’s no cheese pizza is like heaven on earth. I can eat a whole one……they are that good!!


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂 I can’t imagine eating a pizza with no cheese…yikes! 😉 I can so relate to being that tired. Last night I fell asleep, sitting up, on the couch for several hours. I woke up and my head was propped up on my hand! But of course, here it is after midnight and I’m still up, so that could be why I’m falling asleep on my couch!


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