L’Eiffel Bistrot – A.K.A. The Craperie

Today my love & I went to L’Eiffel Bistro & Creperie CRAPerie.

(Let me first say that my morning started out with a bowl of GDW Spicy Oats, followed several hours later by a banana with Dark Chocolate Dreams. Yum.)

Banana with Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Goodness

Banana with Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Goodness

Then we embarked on what should have been a romantic & tasty lunch. When we walked in, we were impressed with the overall art deco, cozy ambiance. However, the flighty hostess was not a good first impression. It took her several minutes to decide where to seat us, and she seemed flustered and scatterbrained. Our waiter seemed nice, but we had to wait 10 minutes for him to even come over to say hello. We ordered our meals, and then waited another 45 minutes (with just water), waiting for the appetizer! Meanwhile, every table that came in AFTER us was happily enjoying their meals. The caramelized onion & olive tart finally came and was good.

LEiffel Caramelized Onion & Olive Tart

L'Eiffel Caramelized Onion & Olive Tart

But then another 15 minutes passed. The huge round table party with the screaming kids that came in WAY after us were already done eating at this point, and I was ready to start gnawing on the tablecloth. Finally, it arrived.

LEiffel La Panagol Crepe

L'Eiffel La Panagol Crepe

Looks pretty, right? The salad was simple and good, but the crepe was just okay. Lacking in flavor, and as soon as I cut into it, greasy oils poured out! I really should have taken a picture of this grossness. My plate was swimming in an oily residue. I ate it because I was hungry, and in no mood to complain or wait even longer for something else.

Huge disappointment. I am sure some of their food is good (the tart was great), but waiting over an hour for an oily crepe? I think I’ll pass. A shame, because we wanted to go back and try them for dinner sometime. So many better places, it is not worth the time.

Dinner on the other hand was AWESOME, well because we made it. 😉 Balsamic Grilled Pork Chops & Peaches from the most recent issue of Clean Eating magazine. See how yummy it looks?

Grilled Pork Chops & Peaches

Grilled Pork Chops & Peaches

I also made the Greek Salad that was in the same issue (chickpeas, feta, red onion, cucumber, tomato & toasted pita). I was great because we got to use some of the fresh rosemary from our garden for this meal! Hooray for fresh herbs!

Later we went out for 2 baby cones at the custard shop.

The word on my Grandpa, he will be at the hospital for the rest of the week. They operated and had to remove 2 toes. He had an infection in his foot, which would be minor for most people, but since he is diabetic it was slow to heal. That combined with bad circulation, caused him to get gangrene. Diabetes scares me, a lot of my family members have developed Type 2 due to excess weight & lack of activity. That is even more the reason for me to strive to eat well & be active and try to lead by example. Some people are at a greater disposition to develop it, (and Type 1 is a whole different story), but for the most part you can prevent, or at least slow, Type 2 by the choices you make. I know this is not the case with everybody, I’ve known healthy thin people with it, too. Any readers with diabetes? How does it affect your life?


3 responses to this post.

  1. First of all, sorry about your grandpa girl…but i’m glad that you’ve taken action in leading a healthy life, to prevent any possible diabetes!!

    And secondly, yum! That dark chocolate dreams and banana combo sounds heavenly!! I’ll have to try that!


  2. PS! The rachel’s chai yogurt was alright….it tasted just like regular ol’ vanilla! I’d definitely recommend trying them though if you want something new!


  3. sorry about the let down at the CRAPerie! but on the other hand your dinner looks amaaazing!


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