Runner’s Gait Analysis

Has anyone have this done? I woke up early this morning to have my gait analyzed. It was much different than I expected.

First, he had me take off my shoes & socks, and do a 30-point inspection of my lower body (felt like I was a used car getting inspected, ha!). Doing various things like a squat, contracting my quads, feeling my knee caps, measuring my arch, etc. Then I had to lay on a table and do some stretches to test flexibility and such. After that, he used black electrical tape to stick on my knees and the backs of my shoes. This was the video part, I was basically videotaped running from all angles for about 4 minutes. I never run on treadmills (only outdoors!), so it felt really awkward for me. It felt like the belt was loose, and kept drifting to the side.

I go back next week to go over the results. He did say me left leg was different (weaker) than my right, which explains why I sometimes have pain in that knee. It will be interesting to see, and maybe help with purchasing better shoes that are more fitted to my body mechanics. For only $14 thought it was worth it to try, and see what the “experts” have to say.

After the analysis, I went on a nice 30 minute run. This week I am increasing my runs slightly, so it was more challenging and worked up a nice sweat. Right after, it started raining.

Relaxed for a bit with a chocolate whey & almond milk combo, showered, then met up with the hubby for lunch. Not a lot of healthy options at this place, but did manage to get a chicken & black bean burrito with a salad & baked beans. Later I ate 3 cookies.

Dinner was Amy’s Roasted Veggie Pizza, then we went to the grocery store (finally!) and stocked up, got Starbucks (tall coffee in a grande cup), mowed the grass, and now just enjoying a low-key evening. I’ve been pretty sluggish today, which might be from the beer from last night’s party. I rarely drink beer, or only have 1, so this was a little more than usual.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a higher energy day! It is so chilly now, in the fifties! It feels pretty nice and refreshing! 🙂

Very excited to learn the results of my gait analysis, and would love to hear if anybody else has had this done!


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  1. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the meteorbites at Wegmans. It doesn’t look like Galaxy Granola has them on their website either. :-/


  2. VERY COOL! The whole analysis was only $14?!?!?!?!??! While I was reading – I was thinking – oh that is TOTALLY something I would want to get done, but I’m sure I can’t afford it. Now I need to find somewhere in Cleveland that will do it that cheap!


  3. That is very cool! Now I want to get one done 🙂


  4. Don’t want to sound ignorant here, but what exactly is a gait analysis???


    • –noun
      1. a manner of walking, stepping, or running.

      It is an analysis of your lower limbs, and how they move when walking or running. They can tell if you shift your weight inward, heel strikes, misalignment, etc. and help with choosing better running shoes, stretching or strength exercises to help correct it, etc.


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